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NASGW SCOPE™ is an industry-owned, distributor-led initiative to collect and analyze data that strengthens shooting sports businesses.




Leverage the power of data from NASGW distributors and shooting sports industry retailers  



NASGW Distributors are the backbone of the SCOPE suite of solutions and leading the way in the shooting sports industry 



Learn how your business can benefit from SCOPE and the industry can benefit from your contributions



Never before has the  industry had such a clear understanding of sales, consumer demand, and trends

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SCOPE CLX is an industry initiative powered by distribution. To sign up for more information please click below. 

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Built for Better Insight for NASGW Members


SCOPE™ is built in partnership with NASGW wholesalers to provide an aggregated source of sales and inventory data. This data is accessible only by NASGW members utilizing two-step distribution. Never before has a tool like SCOPE™ been available to the shooting sports industry. 

With this suite of solutions, users will be able to access a deeper level of data that hasn't been previously available to the industry. Users can plan  efficient production schedules, compare sales and inventory information, and plan targeted marketing strategies.

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