Our Mission:

NASGW SCOPE™ is an industry-owned, distributor-led initiative to collect and analyze data that strengthens shooting sports businesses.

Built for Better Insight for NASGW Members

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NASGW is a leader in data collection and business analytics for the shooting sports industry. Our mission is to grow the industry by strengthening businesses with better information. SCOPE is a suite of data-driven tools designed in partnership with manufacturers, distributors and retailers to benefit industry businesses.

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With this suite of solutions, users will be able to access a deeper level of data that hasn't been previously available to the industry. Users can track product distribution, plan efficient production schedules, compare sales and inventory information, and plan targeted marketing strategies.

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Leverage the power of data from NASGW distributors and shooting sports industry retailers

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NASGW Distributors are the backbone of the SCOPE suite of solutions and leading the way in the shooting sports industry

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Learn how your business can benefit from SCOPE and the industry can benefit from your contributions

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Never before has the industry had such a clear understanding of sales, consumer demand, and trends

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“Leupold and Stevens, Inc. is proud to be partnered with NASGW and our strategic distribution partners. SCOPE has been instrumental in leveraging channel data to identify trends and drive growth with our dealers to better service the market.”

Janos Jeszenszky – Director Commercial Sales

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"The SCOPE program has been a great tool for us to continue to grow our distributor partnerships and sales. There always seems to be new data to analyze or new ways to evaluate our products and market share. As the marketplace continues to evolve, we look forward to finding new opportunities through SCOPE and NASGW."

Katie Glover – Regional Sales Manager

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"The SCOPE platform has allowed us to get a better understanding of the market so we can adapt to changes at all levels of the sales channel. Access to data on channel inventory to sales out the door in one place helps us to make decisions faster."

Chris Quigley – Manager, Sales Operations

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